<button/>: add a button using the string attribute as label. When clicked, it can trigger methods on the object, workflow
transitions or actions (reports, wizards, …).

  • string: define the button’s label
  • confirm: the message for the confirmation window, if needed. Eg: confirm=”Are you sure?”
  • name: the name of the function to call when the button is pressed.
    In the case it’s an object function, it must take 4 arguments:
    cr is a database cursor
    uid is the userID of the user who clicked the button
    ids is the record ID list
    **args is a tuple of additional arguments
  • states: a comma-separated list of states (from the state field or from the workflow) in which the button must appear. If the states attribute is not given, the button is always visible.
  • type: this attribute can have 3 values
    – “workflow” (value by default): the function to call is a function of workflow
    – “object“: the function to call is a method of the object
    – “action“: call an action instead of a function



<button name=”order_confirm” states=”draft” string=”Confirm Order” icon=”gtk-execute”/>


Sumber : openobject-developer.pdf