• select=”1″
    Mark this field as being one of the research criteria for this resource search view.
  • colspan=”4″
    The number of columns on which a field must extend.
  • readonly=”1″
    Set the widget as read only
  • required=”1″
    The field is marked as required. If a field is marked as required, a user has to fill it the system
    won’t save the resource if the field is not filled. This attribute supersede the required field value defined in the
  • nolabel=”1″
    Hides the label of the field (but the field is not hidden in the search view).
  • invisible=”True”
    Hides both the label and the field.
  • string=””
    Change the field label. Note that this label is also used in the search view: see select attribute above).
  • domain
    Can restrict the domain. Example: domain=”[(‘partner_id’, ‘=’, partner_id)]”

  • widget
    Can change the widget. Example: widget=”one2many_list”
    * one2one_list
    * one2many_list
    * many2one_list
    * many2many
    * url
    * email
    * image
    * float_time
    * reference
  • on_change
    Define a function that is called when the content of the field changes.
    Example: on_change=”onchange_partner(type, partner_id)”
  • attrs
    Permits to define attributes of a field depends on other fields of the same window. (It can be use on page, group, button, field)
    Format: “{‘attribute’:[(‘field_name’,’operator’,’value’),(‘field_name’,’operator’,’value’)],’attribute2′:[(‘field_name’,’operator’,’value’)]}”
    – where attribute will be readonly, invisible, required
    – Default value: {}.
    – Example: (in product.product)
    <field digits=”(14, 3)” name=”volume” attrs=”{‘readonly’:[(‘type’, ‘=’, ‘service’)]}”/> –> Artinya : field akan readonly apabila type dari product adalah service.


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<field name=”check_total” widget=”max_float“/>

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  <field name=”check_total” widget=”selection “/>